Riverwood Box Set: A Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance

by Keira Blackwood

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Secrets, lies, passion, and murder. A small town sheriff meets her match when a huge grizzly enforcer comes to town posing as a federal agent. She thinks he wants her case, but all he really wants is her. Follow the couple through a stream of murders, a mysterious company mining beneath the small town, and truths that shake their lives to the core. This box set contains all three novels in the Riverwood series, and is full of mystery, action, suspense, and passion.

Grizzly Bait

Hate me or mate me? Secrets, lies, passion, and murder.

Years of hard work landed Emma Hiller the position of Sheriff in her small hometown of Riverwood. Devoting her life to her career has left Emma with an ex-husband and no social life, which suits her fine. Life is simple enough until earthquakes, break-ins, and a murder lead to a towering brute of a fed showing up and leaving her speechless. He's sexy as sin, and if that wasn't bad enough, he's also trying to take over her case!

Stranger-than-usual circumstances lead grizzly enforcer Liam Blake to a small town to find answers. Lying to the local authorities and getting the job done proves difficult when Liam is forced to partner with the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. How can he work beside her when his inner bear screams to claim her as his mate?

Grizzly Mate

He's beg-for-more hot in the bedroom, err broom closet, but...

Smalltown Sheriff Emma Hiller needs more from her partner, let alone boyfriend. Starting with the truth. While she tries to figure out exactly what she's feeling for the huge man that's practically a stranger, trouble in Riverwood goes from bad to worse. With the town's body count on the rise, how can Emma focus on her feelings for Liam, and be sure that their relationship won't fail before it has a chance to blossom?

After living a life of secrets, rough-around-the-edges grizzly enforcer Liam Blake knows he's found his mate. But finding her is one thing, and protecting her is another. How can Liam keep the woman he loves safe when new threats surface, and every answer uncovered leads to another question?

Grizzly Fate

Loving her came as naturally as breathing, as essential to my life as the heart beating within my chest. She accepted my claim, bore my mark. But the greatest challenge to our happiness, to our survival, was yet to come.

One disaster after the next has left smalltown sheriff Emma Hiller in a stressful position. When the existence of shifters is exposed, tension between the two species grows larger than the small police force can handle. With dark forces closing in, Emma struggles to maintain peace between the humans she's sworn to protect and the shifter man she loves above all else.

After a lifetime of combat and solitude, grizzly shifter Liam Blake is ready to share every part of himself with another. But before he can, he must fight for his mate and the happiness that they deserve.