by Amanda Lutterman

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Living in the South has offered Ashley plenty of opportunity to hear about alien abductions and government cover-ups – after all, there are miles of open roads and desolate fields.

Yet they are just stories, tales to be shared over a glass of sweet tea or beer… until it happens to her.

One moment she is getting into her car, the next moment she is awakening on an alien world, surrounded by strangeness – and staring at the most captivating creature she has ever seen.

Flint was worried when the military decided to initiate contact with a new alien world via direct acquisition, yet the being standing in the stasis pod before him rattled those worries right out of his mind.

Beautiful, soft and far too alluring, this human’s mere presence offered intoxication – and hinted that maybe their two races weren’t so different after all.

Yet Flint’s people had gone down this road before, with disastrous results. The last species they had reached out to had turned hostile, throwing both their planets into a bloody war that had dragged on for years, with countless lives lost.

Could this be different?

Would these humans prove peaceful?

And could those eyes staring at him now, possibly mean what he thinks they mean?