Seven Princes: A Very Dirty Fairytale

by Angela Blake

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A Wedding. An attack. A battle. A beast.
And seven men wanting to feast on me.

I remember the night of my father’s 50th birthday, before everything changed.
Seven men were in that room that night, and all were soon to play a huge part of my life.
Princes, guards, doctors, soldiers and more.
And they all wanted me.
But how can a girl choose?

I can’t lie. I like to have a taste of everything before I decide on my prize.
And so do they.

**A very steamy adult fairy-tale Romance. Some paranormal themes. No cliffhangers. Very mature themes. And a HEA.
WARNING: VERY STEAMY. Not for the faint-hearted. Please be warned this book is only for those looking to have a good time with STRONG HEAT LEVELS.**