Wings of faith

by R Murray

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For a century Samantha has not known her true purpose. She knows she possess the gift of Immortality, that she is both a vampire and a witch, but she knows nothing else of her fate and her future. Believing her parents are dead she has learnt to survive alone except for the loyal companionship of the white wolf Randi, whom she saved from near death, and the eagle shifter Talon.

When news of the discovery of such power that it could change the world of the Forsaken comes, Samantha finds herself the most hunted immortal amongst her kind.

With no choice but to put her faith in those that surround her, Samantha must learn to control the power within that she has held dormant her entire life.

With her past coming back to haunt her, and the truth of her parentage coming to light Samantha must learn to trust the new vampire King of France and accept his alliance as he moves the players into place for the impending war amongst the Forsaken.

New alliances will be formed as the vampire – witch soon learns that faith is the most powerful weapon when you are the prize in a deadly game.