Risky Gamble

by Vivian Ward

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Colton Kaswell always gets what he wants.

Allison Hart is the innocent beauty billionaire Colton Kaswell has been dreaming for.
Her body intoxicates him and he ’s consumed with his dark obsession to have her.
All of her.
When he offers Allison a job at his underground sex club, it’s the journalist’s chance of a lifetime.
Even if Colton is dangerous … she’s willing to take the chance. She needs a story to blow her career wide open.
But working for Colton means more than a paycheck—he wants to own her.
Body and soul.
And when she resists, it only makes him crave her more.
Giving into what her body desires is a gamble … but walking away from Colton is a risk no one ever takes.

Risky Gamble is book one in a sexy new series by Vivian Ward where secrets, sex, and money threatens to rip everything apart.