Commander's Wrath

by Matthew D. White

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Vengeance has Consequences.

Commander Grant stands at the helm of the most powerful interstellar armada ever assembled; a force measuring in the thousands stands ready to defend earth and her new allies. Unfortunately, their greatest weapon system, an immense capital starship, has been compromised, leaving them on the drift. Unable to execute their mission across the stars without their most powerful asset, the team must scour the galaxy for its trail if they are to have any hope of defeating the brutal alien menace.

But no operation survives first contact intact. Questions continue to build as to the true nature of their ally, the mystery surrounding their adversary, and the increasingly intertwined history of all their civilizations. Growing ever more distraught, Commander Grant awaits the day when his force stops running and brings the fire to their enemy, but will his zeal deliver them victory or oblivion?