Solar Eclipse

by McKayla Schutt

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When Amethyst leaves her ex, the expected freedom comes to a crashing halt once she imprints with a werewolf. Not just any wolf, her old friend’s brother, Walter. And if that wasn’t bad enough her ex turns her into a wolf too! All the men in her life want something from her, but did any consider what she wanted? Acceptance. Family. To be herself. When a spell sticks Walter and Amethyst together, Amethyst must face Walter no matter what her reservations tell her.

Walter is considered the bad brother and with his checkered past he understands their side, but no one has ever asked him why he stayed with Kerine. Years ago he had teamed up with Kerine, a bad witch, to protect his family and yet they saw it as ‘sleeping with the enemy’. And with the witch bitch gone, he wants his life back on track, he hopes imprinting with Amethyst can be that fresh start. Memories are surfacing from the past and an uneasy feeling fills his gut. With a dark omen over his head, he doesn’t know if he can keep everyone safe.

***This is an erotica story- This is part of a series but this book can be read as a stand alone ***