The Art of Temptation

by Kayla C. Oliver

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Melinda is the kind of girl who knows her future and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Her goal is to reach the very pinnacle of success, even if life passes her by as she works nonstop. Then, in the shimmering lights of her Junior VP promotion party, she lays eyes on Troy.

Troy Wallace builds T&R Marketing from the ground up, leaving life behind and putting everything he has into his job. With the new services being pushed by his own company, Troy prepares to make an all-out bid to become number one. However, as he sits at the bar at the party for Creative Nature’s new Junior VP, he’s blindsided by a beautiful woman. A consummate playboy, such an occurrence isn’t unusual for Troy, except that this woman is … different.

What starts as a standard attempt to get the girl quickly spirals into something much more. Melinda and Troy quickly fall for one another, riding a new adrenaline rush that turns out to be even better than the highs of corporate success. Then, as if karma has other ideas, Melinda and Troy are hit with news that has the ability to make or break both their worlds. Will this news end this budding romance, or will it push Melinda and Troy to a whole other world they never knew even existed, one even better than corner offices with billion-dollar views of the city?