Night of the Shayde

by Lili Zander

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The Vampyrs of Shayde want more than just my blood…

The first night, I was bitten.

The second night, I was hunted.

The third night—the night I was marked for death—I attracted the attention of three Shayde enforcers, the dangerous and enigmatic Vampyrs, Saber, Zeke and Nero.

To earn my freedom, I just need to survive one more night. I need to make it through the ultimate trial. The tournament of warriors. The Night of the Shayde.

But the Vampyrs want me for their own.

...And everyone knows that whatever Vampyrs want, Vampyrs get.

Night of the Shayde is a stand-alone reverse harem romance. Adult situations. Snarky heroine who likes to swear from time to time. 18+.