by Liz K. Lorde

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Her painful beauty drew me in. 6'3 and being a reckless playboy billionaire, she shouldn't have been a challenge for me. Never imagined a sweet rose like her could cause such grief. What I thought was serendipity, turns out to be betrayal; that luscious reporter was hired by the Mafia to take my company down.

Except there's something genuine in her eyes. Something pure and moving in her Seattle born heart. When I spirit her away to my manor in the woods, I realize she's a perfect fit for becoming my fake bride. Without her, I'll never inherit my CEO title. Still, every rose has its sinful prick; not being able to touch her is absolute hell. While the Mob, my father, our old demons, and a stalker circle us, there's one dilemma I can't ignore: The way she truly infatuates my every sense.

Now, I'll never be able to stop. Not until she's mine.

This is a standalone Novel, part of the Chaos, Nevada series. Happily Ever Afters included.