Change Up

by Lacy Hart

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Baseball has always been a part of my life, but being a pro-ballplayer isn't without its drawbacks. That big house I built back in my small hometown sits empty most of the year since Izzy, my daughter now stays mostly with my parents... ever since her mother, Rachel, left.

Now, without a team to play for, I find myself heading home. Maybe it's a good thing. I can focus on my daughter and my life. I need to get things straightened out, including that hole that I never filled after Rachel was gone. But, is there anything that could keep me in town if another team came calling?

As a self-described bookworm, it came as no surprise when I graduated from Valdosta State with a degree in library sciences. Somehow I traded the sultry Georgia heat for cold Pennsyvalnia winters when I accepted the job as the head librarian in a small town called Chandler. Slowly, I was building a life there and doing what I loved. But just a few months into my new adventure, things abruptly changed.

Wes Martin: professional baseball player, apparent local hero, a total hottie and Chandler's "claim to fame" came back to town early. Our chance meeting in the library quickly led to something more. I found myself falling hard for this man, despite my better judgment.

Was I just another notch on his belt? What if he signed with another team? Could I come between him and his daughter?

There were too many questions, so many complications. Yet... I can't get Was Martin out of my head.