College Spankings: Three Tales of College Punishment and Humiliation

by Lola Delorey

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A collection of 3 steamy stories involving mm College spankings.

Learning his Lesson: Spanked by His College Roommate

Chris is a spoiled brat in college, who doesn't know how to behave. Handsome, arrogant and full of himself, he routinely disrespects his alpha roommate, Joe, hiding his attraction to him. What will his roommate do when he finds Chris in a compromising situation? And what will happen when Chris finds himself enjoying his time over Joe's knee? Either way, they're in for a steamy night, that might change them both.

Over the Desk: Spanked and Taken by His College Professor

Chuck has gotten into trouble in class one too many times- And this time, Prof. Johnson isn’t standing for it. The bad boy soon finds himself on the end of a very humiliated punishment, but things take a turn for the worse as he discovers things about himself he never expected. Will the young college student lose himself? Or will Chuck discover his hidden desires instead? Either way, he will finally learn something in class today- although bent over a desk instead of seated at one.

Locker Room Secrets: Humiliated and Punished by His Coach and Teammates

Chad has been irritating his college football coach for a long time now, and when he messes up the team’s performance at a big game, the older man decides it has been enough. The jock soon finds himself at the end of a highly humiliation punishment in front of the team’s star players, who soon whip out a surprise that Chad simply can’t take his eyes off. Will Chad ever overcome this public humiliation? What will happen when he finds himself deeply enjoying it? One thing is clear: the locker room will never be the same again for this naughty boy.