Ghosts of Averoigne

by Krista Wolf

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As a ranking member of the ultra-secretive Hallowed Order, Kara LoPresti has seen some extraordinary things. Gifted with Retrocognitive powers beyond anything the Order has seen, her abilities make her the perfect paranormal investigator to help unravel the centuries-old mysteries of the spirt-plagued Averoigne Hotel.

But when Kara is paired with two other members - who also happen to be her ex-lovers? The resulting love triangle threatens to unravel their entire plan. Logan is the cocky, headstrong ,ex-military crush from her impetuous first year with the Order. Jeremy is tall and handsome and by-the-book - a beautiful summer fling she corrupted in the gardens at Blackstone Manor. Together both men spell trouble; but for Kara, they also offer a host of very provocative, even intoxicating possibilities...

A raging blizzard. A centuries-old ritual, yet to be completed. Snowed into the ghost-ridden hotel, the trio fights to solve the Averoigne's ancient puzzle as the deadline of a dangerous winter solstice rushes up to meet them. Can they right a would-be warlock's hundred-year old wrong while finally putting the hotel's spirits to rest? Or will past differences - fueled by jealousy and insatiable desires - be their ultimate undoing?

Ghosts of Averoigne is the super-sized flagship book of the Chronicles of the Hallowed Order mega-series. The story is filled with mystery, suspense, twists and turns... but also love, lust, menage romance, and a series of dripping hot, steamy encounters written specifically with the goal of melting your kindle! HEA Guaranteed.