Delightful Donuts & Murder

by Caroline Chase

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1 - Means
2 - Motive
3 - Opportunity
It's murder by the numbers…

Just when it looks like things are finally calming down in not-so-sleepy Chesapeake Pointe,
The town is getting ready to welcome back one of their own:
Harry Jones, chart-topping musician who's kicking off a new tour in his hometown.

But not everyone is thrilled by his return.
In fact, some people have quite the vendetta.

What they didn't count on?
Baker-by-day, sleuth-by-night Brynn Monroe and shrewd Detective Alec Anders.

The heat is on as the pair team up to nail down the culprit.
And not only because they can't let the trail go cold.
Brynn and Alec have been trying to solve the mystery of their own relationship status.
But they aren't the only dynamic duo in question this time around.

Seems there's a fine line between love and hate when it comes to Harry Jones.
And some people are willing to do anything for love…