Vanguard Security

by S.J. Bishop

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Her baby was hungry.

How was I supposed to stay away?

So, it started with a mission to buy formula and it ended with a manhunt.

I honestly don’t know how she got caught up in such a mess but misery sure does love company.

Maybe that’s why I never let her go.

Why she means so much to me. Why I’d be willing to give up the world just to keep her safe in my arms.

But, I’m starting to fear that isn’t enough.

I was once a Navy-Seal trekking through the coldest parts of Russia, fighting men with no souls. I had no fear.

But I fear losing her.

That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

So, World War III can come knocking on my door but you best believe no one is laying a finger on Stacey Bowers.

She’s mine.