The Dark Pines Pride: The Complete Series

by Liza Street

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Three shifter siblings, four years on the run. It’s time to come home.

This boxed set includes all three Dark Pines books: Wild Homecoming, Wild Atonement, and Wild Reunion.

Screw the territory—all he wants is her.

Summer’s butthole ex stole her credit info and threw her off guys forever. She gets along with her online friend, Jackson. He’s safe because they’ll likely never meet in person.

Mountain lion shifter Jackson is willing to risk everything to meet Summer, but when his arrival sparks a wave of violence, he must decide whether to fight or retreat to keep her safe.

The Dark Pines Territory—where rivalry sparks passion.

Foul-mouthed shifter Hayley needs a fake boyfriend, and Marius is her only choice. There’s no harm in having a little fun on their not-dates, until her inner mountain lion is screaming for more.

Grizzly shifter Marius deserves worse than Hayley’s scorn. But when an old family dispute puts Hayley in danger, Marius must put aside his guilt and step in, or risk losing his mate forever.

In the Dark Pines territory, love fights tooth and claw.

Eleanor McGowan is a piano teacher, hypochondriac, and proud fangirl of the Interstellar Love Connection graphic novel series. She’s also had her heart broken one too many times by her high school sweetheart, Will Jaynes.

Mountain lion shifter Will Jaynes lost everything after a pride war—his parents, his territory, and even Eleanor. When danger returns to the Dark Pines territory, Will must fight for his pride’s place or lose Eleanor again. And if he loses this time, he knows there’ll be no coming back.

Content Warning: This shifter romance collection contains liberal usage of naughty language and sexytimes and is intended for adults.