Concubine of the King

by Lola Delorey

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After the king takes her maidenhood, young Clara is turned into his concubine, along with her dear friend Noah. She must now adapt to life in the palace, all the while struggling with her increasingly overwhelming attraction to the king, as he uses her for his every whim. What will happen when her new owner decides he wishes to be entertained? Will Clara be able to control her own heart, or will she finally lose it to her cruel captor?

"Clara felt her heart pound wildly in her chest as she was led through the dark halls to the king’s chambers. The castle was magnificent. Stone and wood made up its colossal structure, imposing elegance emphasised by deep reds and burgundies. It was also cold and dark, however. Behind its glorious beauty laid something threatening, which made her shiver. A castle suitable for its king, whom indeed both stirred and chilled her heart. Clara felt decidedly underdressed, bare feet paddling unsurely over the cold smooth stones, the cold air setting the small hairs on her bare arms upright. She felt vulnerable and exposed, and worried the king would be able to tell apart her every wish and desire, just as Jasmine had appeared to. Her heart sped up further as she questioned just how she was supposed to face him after what had happened. Would he touch her again? Did she want him to?

Her mind plagued by questions, Clara was almost taken by surprise as Jasmine opened a set of heavy wooden doors and gently pushed her inside before closing them again, leaving her alone in the entrance of Cillian’s chambers.

“Good morning.”

She stood stunned. Cillain was standing in the middle of the room, naked but for a small towel wrapped around his waist. He was wet, obviously having bathed recently. Her eyes followed a tantalising drop of water as it rolled down from his cheekbone to his chin, down his neck and collarbone- her breath hitched and a slight blush grew on her cheeks as it trailed down his muscular chest and flat stomach until it finally disappeared behind the soft cloth. She forced her eyes up, to his face, cheeks heated. He was watching her like a predator would gaze at its prey, blue eyes flickering with interest as his tongue darted out to wet his lower lip slightly."