An Academy For WItches

by D.L. Auberry

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After the disastrous date with her witch crush, Anwen becomes convinced to cast a spell on him, hoping that it would somehow interfere the outcome, but after doing so, the date wasn’t the only thing gone wrong.
Convinced that the disastrous spell that stoned the guy was due to the lack of witch skills of her roommate, she decides to go into an forbidden journey and swing by places she was strictly, highly not allowed to.
As it turned out, this outcome disaster had a total another explanation, along with some unbelievable complex secrets she learns along the way, finding a lot of things about herself she wasn’t supposed to know like the fact she wasn’t even a real witch and that she'd been kept away from the truth for a long time.
With an enchanted crush on the anvil and a shattered truth she learns about herself, how will she manage to stay enrolled to the Witch Academy when it was a place no doubt meant for witches only, that she factually was not?