Dream Tracker - The Trackers Book 1

by Jenna Kernan

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The Trackers series

Native American Michaela Proud thinks her nightmares mean she is going mad, but the truth is far worse.  She is being stalked by Nagi, the Ruler of the Circle of Ghosts.  His attack tears the fabric of her soul and marks her for death.  But she is saved by a Skinwalker -- a shape shifting grizzly bear!

Sebastian does not meddle in the affairs of men, but he will not stand-by and let Nagi steal the soul from a living woman.  Once he discovers she has sustained a Spirit Wound, he cannot return her to her people without revealing the Supernatural World to humanity.  As he tends her, he discovers he experiences her thoughts...and desires.  This emotional connection reveals her as his soulmate, but will she accept him when she discovers the truth?