The Night's Champion Collection: A supernatural werewolf thriller trilogy

by Richard Parry

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Could one night change your life forever?Valentine Everard and Danielle Kendrick have the Night’s Favor: they are werewolves. There are many who would steal the Night’s dark gift from them.The Night’s Champions must face down the corporate interests of Big Pharma, battle with masters of dark Vodou, and make their last stand against both vampires and the Riders of the Apocalypse. Armies fall. Zombies roam the street, and no one is safe. The world is close to its final Judgement. What can a handful of souls do against the powers of the heavens?Val and Danny must seek to master the Night’s Favor and save all they love. If they fail, they will fall into anger and darkness like all those who have come before them. The world and all they cherish will be ash.This boxed set contains the entire Night’s Champion trilogy of full-length novels by Richard Parry:Night’s FavorNight’s FallNight’s EndIf you like page-turning supernatural thrillers with great dialogue and heart-pumping action, then you’ll love this series. Get your copy today!