Captured by the King

by Lola Delorey

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Young, innocent Clara is part of the rebellion trying to bring down the despotic king. However, things go downhill when she finds herself captured by the king’s men along with the man she loves. The cruel king soon decides to play with his captives, seducing and abusing both of them. Will Clara find herself being taken in front of the man she loves? And what happens when she starts to like it?

"A voice like honey laced with arsenic wrapped around her, soft and deep, seductively luring the air out of her lungs, seemingly delving into every nook and cranny of her body, caressing vulnerable bare skin, setting each and every hair on end. She heard Noah growl, felt his shoulder tense up with fury and rage. Soft footsteps came closer, and suddenly, her world was filled with light, eyes squeezing shut painfully, blinking open slowly as her blindfold was thrown uselessly to the ground, and she could see.

Clara's cheeks immediately turned bright crimson. Noah was right next to her, naked as the day he was born, arms tied behind his back, glaring furiously, face a mask of rage, although his cheekbones were ever so slightly tinted with red. His skin was flawless, smooth and tanned as it spanned over thick strong muscles. A dusting of dark hair trailed down his lower belly. Clara had to swallow deeply as she laid eyes on it. Right in front of them was a young man, looking like the cat that ate the canary, smirking slightly. Dressed in fine robes, looking at them with the most intense eyes she'd ever seen. They were blue, but brighter than any blue could be, piercing and cold and almost painful, set in a handsome face with sharp cheekbones and fine lips, dark hair framing it.

And he was standing there, looking at them. Naked, bound. King Cillian."