Night's Favor: A Werewolf Supernatural Thriller Epic

by Richard Parry

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Could one night change your life forever?

Valentine Everard drinks to get through the week — but then, who doesn’t? — so waking up with no memory isn’t unusual. What is unusual is how his body is becoming faster and stronger. This is the Night’s Favor, and it is creating a beast within him: a werewolf. With these gifts come outside interest: Elsie Morgan, CEO of Big Pharma company Biomne, is hunting him to save her dying heir.

When his newfound Pack mate Danielle Kendrick’s daughter is abducted, Val must race to rescue her. Elsie offers him a devil’s bargain: a child for a child, a life for a life. Even knowing that the child is merely a way to draw him in, he cannot resist the call of Pack. Will he be able to master the Night’s Favor and save those he loves? Will he fall into darkness and anger like his maker?

Night’s Favor is the first book in Richard Parry’s gripping Night’s Champion trilogy. With over 150 ratings and a four-star average on Goodreads, this debut page-turning supernatural thriller will blow you away. Get your copy today!