Dare To Love Series: Love Me if You Dare

by Allison Gatta

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Heather Winters is cursed. The police and the press might not believe her, and her friends have definitely stopped trusting her, but she knows it's the truth. There's no other way to explain how an average, everyday receptionist could suddenly become the "Black Widow of South Beach. " Or, at least, that's what the papers have started calling her. Now, jobless and friendless, she's on a mission to clear her name--and to make sure nobody falls victim to her curse again. 

Private Bodyguard Jax Lovelace has protected lots of people. Actors, musicians, athletes--you name it. But when the Black Widow of South Beach walks through his door, he starts to think he might be the one who needs protecting. Not only is this woman fierce, but she's the most beautiful bombshell he's ever laid eyes on--and that's to say nothing of her reputation. Still, when she offers him a chance he can't pass up, he finds out that this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than either of them expected...