The Billion Heir

by Nikky Kaye

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"I don't give a s*** about money, unless it can buy me a better steak or get me out of jail."
I might be a brand new billionaire, but I'll be damned if I'm going to take charm lessons from former socialite "Sexy Lexi Kink-ade." She's getting under my skin, but now I'm stripping away her veneer to find the woman underneath.
Redeeming Luke's bad boy image is my job, but there's something seductive about a man who can fight in a tuxedo and scare away paparazzi. I might be living hand to mouth these days, but his mouth on my hand isn't helping...

Welcome to the first meeting of the Billionaire Book Club—because even the wealthy need help to read between the lines.
Disclaimer: No books or billionaires were harmed in the creation of this hot, heart-stopping romance.