Read My Lips

by Nikky Kaye

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“I have a lot of things, Zoe. I’ve owned property,;managed people, held assets. Which one are you?”

Zoe's post-college life plan:
DO: Take New York and the advertising world by storm, even as a lowly intern.DO NOT: Panic when sublet falls through. Instead, crash with hot, wealthy, older family friend.DO: Keep your cool, and your clothes on. Even though it's so hot in New York in the summer...DO NOT: Call him Mister Grey, even when teasing him about his closet of kink.DO: Come up with a safeword.DO NOT: FALL IN LOVEThis is the second book in the Billionaire Book Club series. All of these hot, funny romance novellas can be read as standalones, but if your knees get wobbly... please, feel free to sit down.