Help Yourself

by Nikky Kaye

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Homecoming is more than just a dance - it's a second chance.MARCUSUse or be used—that’s the motto that’s made me a fortune, but all my money can’t stop the illness devastating my mother. To add insult to injury, her heavenly new nurse is the prom date who put me through hell. Only now, Serena Rossi is a little older, a little blonder, and a lot more dangerous. I'm a self-made man, but she'll be the unmaking of me.
SERENAKarma’s a bitch, but back then so was I. Now the homecoming of Marcus Blake has me checking my vitals, and we could have a second chance at first love—or at least a first chance at second lust. But if I want to keep my heart safe, I’d better tell him to go help himself.
Help Yourself is the third book in the Billionaire Book Club series. There are recurring characters, but each novella can be read as a standalone. No billionaires or books were harmed in the creation of this series.