Taken by the Werewolf

by Emma Alisyn

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Cam doesn’t know the dealer who sold his sister drugs that almost killed her is his new mate, Hayley.
She can’t continue to lie, but will the truth break their bond?
When Cam, Beta of the Dalig Hund werewolf pack, kicks down Hayley’s door, she knows someone ratted. Cam is confused to find a petite, curvy beauty instead of a hardened criminal. He is further shocked when he realizes she is his mate.
Hayley was born nose blind and severely dyslexic, the weakest of her pack. Her own father kicked her out of the house in shame, forcing her to sell drugs to eke out a living. She doesn’t believe the Beta himself is her mate and knows if he finds out what she does, he will Sever her.
Should she still take a chance at an opportunity to experience passion for the first time? Is the pleasure worth the pain?
Enjoy steamy, paranormal short stories with hot Alpha werewolf males? Taken by the Werewolf is meant to be enjoyed as sexy snippet, perfect for a long lunch break or commute to work. For readers who prefer full length novels, you will love Liam's Bride: A BBW Bear Shifter Romance.
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