Fixed Souls

by LJ SeXton

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"Love is not an easy emotion. Love is not just one thing, it’s everything you have ever felt rolled into a ball. If you’re lucky that ball will grow bigger over time, or you can be like me and toss it to the wayside every time. Well, that’s what keeps happening to me. I keep hurting Jared."
Nevaeh is happier than she has ever been in her life. She has the man of her dreams. Her hero, Ethan. Ethan has all a man could want; a smart, funny, beautiful daughter and the woman who loves him...Nevaeh. While Devon and Jared are still struggling. Devon is still unclear about the events of the night Jared showed up at his house, and Joey was there.
Jared finds himself in deep trouble and has to prove his innocence. Devon and Ethan are on the hunt to help him. Will the sins of his father continue to rear its ugly head, or will Jared lose it all?
Can these souls be Fixed?