Truth or Dare: Public Group Domination

by S.J. Miranda

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It’s just a game, right?

I met Dylan at a party last weekend. Dylan was hot and dominant, and I loved the way he treated me. I knew I wanted more. So when Dylan invited me over to “watch TV” with him at his apartment, I thought I knew what to expect.

Except it wasn’t just the two of us. Dylan had his friends over. And they all wanted me. From the moment they saw me in my short little dress, I was the center of attention.

So we started playing Truth or Dare.

Have you ever been the only girl in a room full of randy guys? If so, it won’t surprise you to learn that before long, every dare was designed to embarrass me or get me to take my clothes off.

And then they stopped letting me pick Truth.

Good thing I love attention!

This is a 6,000 word erotic short story about a young woman being shared by a group of men. It contains explicit scenes including spanking, mild BDSM, and various group activities. This book is most definitely NOT intended to be read in public.