Champagne Truffles & Murder

by Caroline Chase

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Take three single elderly women in a small town.
Add in a local Lothario.
Mix with alcohol. And lipstick.
What do you get?
A recipe for murder.

The tiny town of Chesapeake Pointe is finally coming together. They’re getting over the spate of recent killings and putting their crime soaked past behind them. It’s a time of joyous festivities.

So what does Brynn Monroe discover?
Why, a dead body of course.

But this one belongs to Norman Landry. He’s been on his own since his paramour went to jail. And apparently he’s been quite busy as a single man. Wining and dining the local ladies over 60. Of course, none of them knew about the other. And they all profess to be heartbroken about his recent demise.

But something doesn’t sit right with Brynn. She’s a bit troubled. And it’s not just because a man from her past comes back, trying to woo her. Which wouldn’t even be an issue if local legend Alec Anders would finally make a move and make her his.

What’s a big city girl in a small town to do? Solve a murder where the suspect could be anyone or focus on her equally complicated love life?

Whatever she does, she better do it soon. Before whoever killed poor Mr. Landry comes after her!