Shaken in her Boots, Volume 3: A Hotwife Adventure

by Bart Tracer

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In yet another first for the kinky couple, Bill’s wife decides to spend the weekend with her wealthy, new, cowboy lover, Lance. Too late, they realize that her timing could have been better!

Now, Bill and Elizabeth find themselves swept up in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions as they are forced to face the reality that she may have come home from her illicit liaison with one souvenir too many. And as they wait to see if Lizzie is indeed pregnant, they realize that through the clouds of worry and dread, what began as a flickering spark of nervous excitement is steadily growing into a bright flame of perverse arousal.

Can Bill accept the thought of his wife carrying another man’s lovechild? Can Lizzie? And will this experience tear their marriage apart or make them closer than ever?