Erica Encouraged, Volume 2: A Hotwife Adventure

by Bart Tracer

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For some time now, John and Erica have harbored a secret fantasy: sharing her with another man. A black man. It’s a powerful, exciting idea that dominates their pillow talk, a tease that quickly rises to the level of an obsession. But, it’s only a harmless fantasy. Isn’t it?

Erica’s best friend, Alice, a veteran of the hotwife lifestyle, is quick to note John and Erica’s budding interest and more than willing to give the young couple the final nudge they needed. When a company party provides her with the perfect opportunity, she arranges for Erica to be seduced by one of her lovers.

Suddenly, the fantasy has become a stark reality. It’s no longer just a game. Erica, the innocent, faithful wife, has taken a black lover. And, as John soon discovers, she has no intention of stopping there!

What happens when John is forced to deal with his wife’s infidelity? Will Erica’s newly discovered wild streak destroy their marriage or make it stronger? Would she stop if her husband asked her to? Does he really want her to stop?