Erica Encouraged, The Complete Series

by Bart Tracer

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Erica Encouraged, The Complete Series (Volumes 1-3)

Get all three of Erica’s adventures in one collection for the first time!

When John and Erica discover that their friend Alice has a thing for black men and that her husband Steve actively encourages it, they are shocked, but at the same time fascinated. Unable to resist their curiosity, they press their friends for details. What they hear takes their breath away, leading them to contemplate something they never could have dreamed of: What if Erica were to take a lover?

Steve and Alice are more than happy to give the young married couple the nudge they need, as well as to guide them on their journey as Erica becomes a hotwife. As fantasies become reality and hidden desires are laid bare, John and Erica hurtle down a pathway of pure eroticism, never knowing where the next turn will take them, with only their love for each other to anchor them as their marriage is put to the ultimate test.

Will Erica’s extramarital adventures lead her to new heights of pleasure or leave her wishing she had ignored the temptation of the hotwife lifestyle? How will John deal with the changing dynamics of their marriage?

One things is certain: life will never be the same for this couple!