Crocodile Dan D: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance

by Flora Ferrari

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The boys at my university are a bunch of dingos. And the ones that pretend to be Mr. Nice Guy are secretly Tasmanian Devils in disguise.

When I get an offer for a six-month working holiday visa to Australia I jump like a kangaroo at the chance.

I just want to enjoy some fun in the sun and see a few cuddly koalas.

But when my surf lesson goes terribly wrong I find myself face to face with another kind of trouble.

“Crocodile” Dan D.

He’s tall, rugged, and his voice booms like thunder causing me to glow when he drops his Vegemite sandwich just before saving me with his masculine display of might.

Now all I want is to bond at Bondi but his big muscles and carefree way try to tempt me for more when his swim trunks show that he’s clearly from the land of plenty.

I want him to take me out back and show me his knife for some dirty deeds done dirt cheap, but he says I’m too young and it’s too much of a great barrier to overcome even though I’m doing everything I can to bridge the gap.

I know if he shakes me all night long I’ll be harboring desires that he puts a ring on my finger the size of Ayers Rock.

He displays the focus of a man at work when he shows me the real meaning of down under, but as my time in Sydney comes to a close I’m left wondering if I’ll be the one down in the dumps, singling the blues outside the Opera House in a fried-out combie that’s on the highway to hell.

I’ve got a stiff upper lip but as the end nears it’s clear he’s not coming back in black board shorts before the pilot prepares for take-off with a flick of the switch.

Just like in Western Australia I’ll be forced to wait awhile for my heart to mend…but when it comes to our high voltage relationship I just hope a while doesn’t translate to forever.

Because forever is exactly how long I thought we were going to be together, before everything we had exploded like T.N.T.

*Crocodile Dan D is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

**A special thank you to all the friendly and fun-loving Aussies I've met over the years. Your easy-going ways have led to lots of laughs, good times with gregarious people, and unforgettable memories. Appreciate you "taking the piss" (not what it sounds like to the uninitiated) so many times when I deserved it...not that I was ever trying to be a tall poppy. ;)