Hired Entertainment

by Cari Robe

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Molly Flannigan just wants someone to get under so she can get over losing her job. To make matters worse her best friend just left her alone at the club. Just when she's ready to close her tab a gorgeous man takes the seat next to her and she's instantly ready to hit the road. Robert Manning's boss just blew off their business meeting so he could chase a woman on the dance floor so when someone catches his eye at the bar he takes a chance he normally wouldn't and sits down.
After an amazing night together the two go their separate ways but can't stop thinking about what they shared. When a business meeting for a new venture brings them back together it's a second chance to make the connection they felt something much more. Molly doesn't date and Robert is an alpha who knows what he wants so the game is on. Whose will is the strongest? Start reading now to find out!
In Davis Entertainment Boom Two, Molly and Robert are the main focus with characters from Book One making appearances all over the place. The books can be read as standalone or in the series order. These stories are short, sweet and full of heat with happily ever afters and no cheating ever!