Runaway Omega: Harley: M/M/M Mpreg Romance

by Kellan Larkin

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Alpha wolf Carson is dedicated to protecting the people of Stelline City with his partner, Lars. When he finds a pregnant, homeless omega, he can't resist the chance to rescue him. An upstanding alpha always helps omegas, especially pregnant ones.

Harley's just a human escaping abuse in his small town by coming to the big city. He's pregnant with his baby, Hunter, and needs a new life. When he runs into Carson, everything changes. The gentle, strong alpha is the perfect guy to protect Harley from his past.

Lars knows he can't give Carson the baby they've always dreamed of. He never thought about adding to his relationship with Carson, but Harley—and the baby he carries—might just be the missing piece they both need.

When Harley gets mixed up with a dangerous gang that has the city in its grip, Carson and Lars struggle to keep their precious omega safe. On top of that, Harley's past might be coming back to haunt him.

The two alphas will stop at nothing to protect their omega—while they learn what a relationship with three men looks like.

Runaway Omega: Harley is a story set in beautiful Stelline City, home of alpha and omega wolves and shifters of all kinds. This scorching hot book contains M/M/M goodness and a HEA.