Never Wanted More

by Stacey Lewis

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Originally part of the Southern Seduction Box Set
Never Wanted More is a novella that crosses both the Nashville Secrets & Nashville U series
She builds walls around her.
He’s bound and determined to break them down.

On the outside, Peyton Williams has the perfect life: influential parents, successful siblings, and wealth at her fingertips. But to Peyton, there is more to life that what you have and who you know. College is her ticket out—her ticket to find her own path, her own life.

Intelligence and talent are Wyatt Parker’s tickets out the scrutiny of his family-life and upbringing. Determined to break out of the stereotypes that suffocate him, Wyatt takes academics and sports seriously. But when he starts tutoring the gorgeous, but aloof, Peyton, he sees that there’s more to her than he realized.

Can Wyatt teach her that money can’t buy happiness? Will he learn that things aren’t always as they seem?