by Ava Bloom

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When I'm offered a job as the bar manager at the most exclusive club in Barcelona, I took it. I also knew it was in my best interest to do as I'm told, and keep my mouth shut.

You see, the billionaire Russian mobsters who run the place were the kind of guys you didn’t want to know too much about anyways.

But I really needed the money, and I knew that as long as I ensured the customers were happy and I did my job, everything would be fine.

That is until Andrei came into the picture.

He was one of those Russian gangsters that ran the club, sexy and dangerous. A real bad boy who had gained quite the reputation around here as a ladies man, and now his attention was fixed on me.

The guy was bad news in a good suit, and I knew that giving in to him would be the worst idea I’ve ever had.

F**k me!