Prophecy in Blood

by April Canavan


Prophecy in Blood is a novella that takes place in the Destruction of Magic universe.

Jackson knows that magic is fading from the world. As an empath he has come to terms with the fact that he will always be able to feel what is happening around him. Although he listens to the thoughts of those surrounding him, he doesn’t need to hear that all of the magical realms are fighting for survival. He doesn’t care about anything other than starting his life with the woman he loves. Unfortunately, the world works differently, and Jackson finds himself struggling to hold onto the little bit of happiness he’s managed to find.

Annalise knows what her future holds, she has since the moment she looked into Jackson’s eyes and saw what true emotion was. Everything that has happened, every choice she's made has led her to this moment in time. The world seems perfect and beautiful until prophecy interferes and brings everything she and Jackson built together tumbling down.