by Michael Karr

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He went searching for his lost sister. Nothing can prepare him for what he'll discover.

Even with peace restored to the empire, Skylar cannot rest easy. The promise he made to his dying father weighs on his heart--to discover what became of his sister. A clue from his father's old journal points toward the very heart of his enemy's home planet. Gorgoroth. With his faithful companions Endrick and Grüny Sykes at his side, he embarks on the dangerous quest. They scarcely make it out of the empire, when they meet with disaster. And Skylar can blame no one but himself.  That is only the beginning of his troubles. When he finally reaches Gorgoroth, a worse fate than he could ever have imagined lies in store for them. Has his decision doomed them all? What he finally learns of his sister...he could never be prepared for. This action-packed sequel to Haladras, full of twists and turns, will have readers thirsty for more.

What readers are saying:
"I have hardly been able to put it down."
"Tell me there is a 3rd book!!!"
"I loved it. I can't wait for more."