Swan Song

by Josette Reuel

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Deena Morgan had always been an in your face type of personality, but when she lost her destined mate, she retreated into her magic and her music. Even so, she became the party girl persona needed to draw the crowds to hear her music. And, she needed to pull on that persona today for a concert her band, The Frozen Doves, was playing at the Thor’s Anvil bar for its Valentine’s celebration. Normally, she would’ve hidden away on this vile day, but another band had flaked and the bar owner offered them double for coming in at late notice. Her band mates might kick her out if she refused, so she’d have to wallow in her misery once the last song was sung.

Cord Avia had lived a half-life since the day his flock pulled him away from his fated mate. Years of fruitless searching had worn him down and he’d stopped searching long ago. He went along with his twin brother’s plans for building their girls a house, but he never allowed himself to dream that his Deena would ever live there. Instead, he frequented his favorite bar, the Thor’s Anvil, got drunk and found a willing female to take the edge off. He’d become the one-night stand king, but today was Valentine’s Day and his only plans were to become intimately acquainted with a bottle or two of Jack.

Will two lost souls trust in the old magic that finally brought them together?