Fated Summer

by Josette Reuel

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Originally published as part of the "Summer Fantasy Flings" Anthology, Fated Summer by Josette Reuel is a paranormal romance short story about a woman searching for a future... for a home.


Zinnia Boushay is at a crossroads in her life. After being laid off from her long-time job, she decided that a summer adventure is just what she needs to determine her direction. Up to this point, she’d only been going through the motions and she’s now ready to make some long-term choices. However, running into a beast on the beach wasn’t quite what she expected.

Zvar Noir traveled the world trying to find answers to how he could end his own torment. Time was running out and he once again traveled to the North Carolina beach where he had been abandoned all of those years ago. The beast inside of him was once again rising and he wasn’t sure if he had the strength to keep fighting the inevitable. His mentor had taught him many things, most of all what he was, but to Zvar he’d always be a monster. Nothing was going to change that, so maybe now was the time to admit defeat.

However, Fate always has her plans laid well in advance and Zinnia’s spur of the moment vacation might just be what leads Zvar to find his strength.