Swan's Grace

by Josette Reuel

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Bianca Morgan always related more to plants than to people, but when she’d lost her fated mate at the age of fifteen her plants became her life. Thankfully, her sisters understood and supported her reclusive nature because they understood the loss — they were struggling with their own. She was content with her plants but struggled with the hole in her heart. If only the voodoo doll she’d created had worked, then maybe she could allow herself to dream of a future.

Felix Avia had always been the quiet one, the serious one of their flock. No one expected the devotion to a beautiful witch that caused him to defy his parents at fifteen. He’d struggled along with his two cousins and after being trapped for too many years by his parents he’d gladly broken away with the other two avians to create a life on their own terms. Now, years later his heart had hardened and he’d given up on finding the girl he’d lost.

Can old magic manifest the love that has been missing for fifteen years?