Mr. Wrong

by Alessandra Hart

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Forget Mr. Right. Mr. Wrong is right here...

You love to hate me. Cocky. Playboy. Rich. Handsome. The next big thing in Hollywood.
You might think I'm a scumbag, but you still can't resist me. She sure as hell can't.

Her name is Nora Valencia, and I'm about to take her on a date that will give her nightmares.

She's my friend's crazy ex-girlfriend, so I'm all too happy to make her life a little harder.

She deserves it, right? ....Wrong

Turns out she's gorgeous. Smart. Funny. And innocent of all the accusations.
Predictably, she also hates my guts after what I put her through.

But I’m going to show her everything she got wrong about me.

She's working on my latest movie, and I'm determined to prove it only takes so many wrong turns to make it right.