The Walker Family Vacation

by Shane McRory

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A zombie cliffhanger serial

A two-week vacation with the whole family—thirteen Walkers and friends, traveling by ferry to the popular but remote Michimac Island off the Canadian shore of Lake Superior—sounded great to Christian Walker, even though his wife Amanda won the chance to select the destination and chose a vegan spa. It’s about being with family anyway …

Twelve hours later their getaway has collapsed in bottomless terror.

Now they’re split up, spread across an island consumed with mindless undead cannibals, desperate to be reunited with one another. But with few cars and even fewer guns they are vulnerable to these shambling, bloodthirsty predators.

Their heart-pounding desire to live is their only reliable weapon, and they’ll fight until every last one of them is together again and safe …

Bite-size survival horror episodes. 13,000 words. Intense, graphic, not for the faint of heart.