Teach Me

by Adrianna Quinn

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To steal her ex back, Norah needs to learn how to please a man in a way that brings him to his knees. Cole's the kind of man that knows how to teach a woman that spending time on her knees will have her ex crawling back on his. Catching Cole watching from his apartment one night as she ran naked through hers to retrieve something turned her on and had her doing things she'd never done before. When the two get thrown together unexpectedly at work, she can't help but notice the way he commands the attention of the opposite sex. If she had his skills, she could win back her ex. When she asks Cole for some lessons, he's all too eager to help her out. What he isn't expecting is how quickly she learns and the line between teacher and student gets blurry when she's making all the right moves. At work, in public, in her apartment or in his--the two of them are burning up with raw desire and aching need.