Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe

by Junia Wonders

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Suitable for readers aged 3 and up

A clever little rat makes the biggest mistake of his life and it involves a sackful of potatoes. A fun, rhyming read-aloud with gorgeous illustrations! Readers from 3 years and up will delight in this delicious & hilarious tale.

Under the floorboards of a small bakery lived a clever little rat by the name of Zachary.

There are two rules in life that every rat knows so well.
Rule #1: Never live under the floorboards of a bakery.
Rule #2: If you choose to disregard rule #1, make sure you never get caught.

What’s with rule #1, you might ask? Well, the idea of humans and rats in a bakery or restaurant coexisting just doesn’t work. Humans do not take kindly to their food being tainted by vermin. Only Remy in Ratatouille, as we all know, managed to pull that off. And even with his immense culinary talent, he was still met with great resistance and opposition.

So you would think any other rat would have learned from all that. But, no. Not Zachary. He quite likes his comfortable nook underneath the floorboards of a small bakery, which he calls home. And the smell of fresh pastries wafting in the air every single day, reaching his nostrils and tempting his fat, round belly is what makes the danger of being caught by a human all the more worth it.

Mind you, Zachary is one clever rat. And he starts off being rather careful. Too careful, in fact, that he refuses to share his treats with any of his chums.

But one fateful night, a sackful of potatoes appears. What happens next? Well, that's for you to find out.

Young and not-so-young readers will delight in this delicious and amusing tale of cunning and cleverness, greed and covetousness, luck and a chance to have a change of heart… for the better.

With beautifully drawn illustrations by Italian illustrator and artist, Giulia Lombardo, this children’s rhyming picture book, along with its witty and engaging story line, will surely appeal to its young and young-at-heart readers and become one of those books that will be read and enjoyed time and time again.

This children’s picture book is suitable for readers aged 3 and above.