Call the Lightning

by Laurie Olerich

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The Sizzle Continues...Book Two in the Bestselling Primani Series"You pray for peace, little warrior. There will be no peace for you.” Michael, Archangel With these words, Mica’s fate is sealed. Given incredible powers but no answers, she’s thrust into the middle of the dangerous chaos of the Primani world. Demons, death, vengeance...enough to make a girl run screaming in the other direction. But there’s more to her new powers than darkness. With Sean MIA, Killian keeps his vow to protect her. Desperate to save her life, he binds Mica to him with powerful magic. But his blood awakens a destiny he thought long dead. With their minds and bodies connected, is there room for Sean? Books in the Primani Series:Primani (The Lost Soul Trilogy #1)Call the Lightning (The Lost Soul Trilogy #2)Stone Angels (The Lost Soul Trilogy #3)Broken Souls (Primani Series Stand Alone)Darkness Calling (Primani Series Stand Alone)˃˃˃ More Than a Story...Call the Lightning is not just a story, it’s a journey. From a simple existence to a miraculous transformation, Mica Thomas evolves to accept the destiny that’s been carefully planned for eons. Only Raphael knows what’s coming, and he’s not giving it away. ˃˃˃ About The Lost Soul Trilogy...The Lost Soul Trilogy is a sexy roller coaster urban fantasy romance that follows a budding psychic and the tight group of powerful warriors charged with her journey to immortality. Dark, funny, full of twists, and steamy passion, The Lost Soul Trilogy proves no one is truly lost. Scroll up and grab a copy today.