A Compilation of Erotic Short Stories

by Golden Angel

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A small compilation of erotic short stories, edited, revamped and with some added material, by Literotica's Goldeniangel.

The short stories in this compilation are:

Exchanging Fluids - a young man loses his virginity during Spring Break to a sexy exchange student staying with his parents.

Crusader Found - a work of historical erotic fiction where a wounded Crusader finds love in the hot desert.

First Date - the story of an interracial couple's hot first date.

Just Friends...? - two best friends discover that they want more.

Losing It - a young man finds himself in an awkward and hot situation with his roommate's girlfriend

River Walkers - skinny dipping in a river leads to more.

Truth or Dare - a game of truth or dare leads to a night of exquisite completion between a young man and woman.