Winning Hand

by Golden Angel

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Allison and Todd are finally together - but at what cost? Her parents are not only refuse to have anything to do with her, they're still trying to interfere in her life by trying to convince her ex-boyfriend to get back together with her. It's not a situation that Allison wants to deal with, although at least Roger knows well enough that he and Allison don't belong together. Still, now that she's moved in with Todd, can she ever reconcile with her parents? And how will the estrangement effect one big question that Todd wants to ask her?

This is the final book in the Poker Loser Trilogy, as Allison and Todd work out the various kinks in their relationship and learn how to fight for their relationship separately and together.

This book contains BDSM - spanking; caning; oral, vaginal and anal sex; bondage an alpha male and his strong-minded girlfriend who don't always see eye to eye.